7 Ways To Get People To Visit Your Business Website

7 Ways To Get People To Visit Your Business Website

7 Ways To Get People To Visit Your Business Website

Getting a new website is an exciting time for any business, but that joy can soon be overshadowed when you find out that visiting numbers are small and conversions are few and far between. In this post we highlight several methods that you can employ to ensure that your website is a hot bed of activity!

Short, Snappy and to the Point!

business website - get to the point

If you plan to use your website as key tool in your sales cycle, providing valuable information, giving potential clients the opportunity to learn more about you and the way you do business, or quite simply to buy your services and products then you need to make sure that the name of your website or your domain name is memorable. If your domain name is overly complicated or difficult to spell then you may find that a large percentage of potential clients go somewhere else.

Go Offline to Drive Online

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The purpose of a website is to attract business from the hundreds of millions of users that are already online so why would you want to advertise offline? Because dependent on your target demographic there may be a large percentage of your market that still prefer, read and react to offline advertisements.

Advertise in your local newspaper, send out a press release about your new site to the local newspaper or a trade magazine, or place an advert on the local radio station with a strong call to action directing the reader back to your website.

Notify Your Existing Client Base.

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Your Business website is a not just a tool for lead generation. It is also a valuable resource for informing existing and past clients about your business, providing useful information about the services they receive and valuable resources on how to get the best out of your services. It can also be used for informing clients how and where they can contact you if and when a problem arises, outlining the process and procedures that are in place for them to follow to reach resolution in a shorter time scale. This is important in aiding the customer and reducing the impact on your customer care department.

Send an email or a series of emails to your existing database, or invest in a mailing list so you can inform those that have showed interest in the past, or people who fit your targeted demographic, about your website. Make sure that you follow the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations:

  • Have the person’s permission to send the email
  • Provide a means for the recipient to unsubscribe from future mailings.

Email should be an integral part of your marketing campaign, as such there should always be a method for new visitors of your website to sign up to your mailing list to learn more about your business. A good way to incentivise this is to provide a free giveaway; this could be a series of videos, a report or an eBook that would be of value to your potential clients and in the process help highlight your expertise in your field.

Market using the Search Engines

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You can use a service such as Google Adwords to pay for a short advert that provides a link back to your website in the Google search results when somebody searches for keywords and phrases related to your business and or niche. You only pay for this service when an interested party clicks on that link and visits your website.

Search engine marketing can send a lot of traffic to your website in a short amount of time and therefore it is very important to have a plan in place as to how you deal with those visitors when they arrive on your site. Consider the following to improve your conversion rate of visitors to leads:

Select the right keywords or phrases

  1. Use targeted ad text
  2. Provide a call to action in the ad
  3. Send the users to a specific landing page.
  4. Provide a free giveaway to gain access to the users email address.
  5. Make it extremely easy for the user to contact you or leave their details.

To learn more about Pay Per Click Advertising click here!

Optimise your website for search engines.

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Search engine optimisation is where you optimise the content on your website to appear higher up in the natural search engine results. The net effect is similar to search engine marketing; effectively your business website gets the vast majority of clicks from people searching for your keywords or phrases.

The main difference being that with search engine optimisation you do not pay for each click as your website is deemed a trusted authority for the keyword term and the clicks and visitors are free. This means you can benefit from search traffic without worrying about daily costs per click advertising budgets.

Although this may seem a far more sensible option than Pay per click advertising it can often take months of hard work and investment to get your website to be deemed as the authority.  And, as is the case in business there is always a new website or a new business that is looking to challenge and take your place; search engine optimisation is not a set and forget strategy! It requires constant work in order to maintain and improve.

Get Social

business websiteSocial media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ are great ways for your business to connect with your target audience and build an enthused community of people that share in the interests of your business.

Social media is also a great way to disseminate messages to your existing customer bases and share great news stories and of course fun events that make people smile and share with their friends and family.

Make sure that you have a plan for your social media campaign because although social media is a free resource, the time needed to develop and maintain interests on social media can be a significant drain on resources.

Ask Your Clients to Tell A friend

business website

Encourage your happy clients to share their great experiences of your business to their family and friends, ask your happy clients to share their experiences by leaving reviews and testimonials of your business and then use these positive endorsements to attract more targeted clients to your website.

Your existing customers are the best advocates for your business or your brand so encourage them to share your website with people that they know. Word of mouth marketing is one of the best marketing sources on the planet!

5 Mistakes You Are Making With Your Search Engine Marketing

5 Mistakes You Are Making With Your Search Engine Marketing

5 Mistakes You Are Making With Your Search Engine Marketing?

Despite their being many benefits to search engine marketing is important to remember that it is not risk free. In fact, get it wrong and you stand to lose a lot of money in a short amount of time. Like every other form of business marketing Search engine marketing (SEM) requires careful planning, skilled execution and constant vigilance. Make sure you are not committing these 5 simple search engine marketing mistakes.

1. You Are Not Clear about Your Objectives!

Search engine marketing is a form of advertising, but it is very different from all other advertising that you may have done in the past. Crucially it is not just about creating brands it is about generating targeted leads.

search engine marketing

So begin with a clear understanding of how SEM will fit into your overall marketing mix and how many leads you want it to generate for you. But remember be realistic saying you want one hundred leads from ten pounds of advertising is unrealistic. Work out your average cost per lead and use this as your starting point. You can them come back and refine this figure, but it is always good to have a starting point.

2.You don’t have a suitable landing environment!

There is little point sending visitors to your website if those visitors don’t like what they find there. If you are advertising for conveyancing in Manchester, sending the visitor to a PPI claims web site is misleading and will result in the visitor clicking straight out because the web page is not relevant.

search engine marketing

If you are looking to increase conversion rate, and with pay per click advertising that is what you should be doing, you should think about building a specific landing page for each campaign, or service that you are advertising. People searching for Conveyancing see a page dedicated to conveyancing. People searching for accident claims seeing a page specifically for accident claims. Sending people directly to the home page of your website, unless this is well optimised for conversions can also reduce your conversion rate.

3. You are not getting your words right.

Bid on the right words and phrases and the right people will visit your site. It sounds really simple but the success of your search engine marketing campaign hinges on you getting it exactly right. You need to know exactly who you want to attract to your site, what words they will use to find your site and how to advertise on these specific words or phrases at the right price.

Are your target customers searching for a conveyancing solicitor in Manchester or house sale solicitors? There is a big difference, both mean the same thing but have different amounts of people searching, have a different cost and will convert at differing levels.

Always try to think what people are searching for if you don’t know ask your existing client base what they would search for if they were looking for your business or services in a search engine.

4. Your Ads are not Click worthy

Why oh why would your targeted customer want to click on your advert? What is in it for them? Yes it might be relevant to what they are searching for but what about the other 9 adverts on the page, all the organic listings, the map and Google plus local listings? What makes your advert stand out above all the others?

The whole point of pay per click marketing is to get people to click. If you are not receiving clicks then people will not be seeing your landing page and not be introduced to your products or services. Make you adverts enticing, engaging, and accurate and give a clear call to action.

5. You are not Tracking your results.

And when I say tracking I mean testing, tracking and then enhancing. With SEM you get almost real time information surrounding your campaign. That means you have the opportunity to make changes depending on the reception your adverts are receiving.

Forget traditional marketing where you but an advert for a set amount of time then see the results. The results are there for you to see and adapt so harness that astonishing capability to improve clicks, conversions and results.

If you have accidentally included a keyword that is a brand name or has another meaning which you knew nothing about and it is suddenly receiving hundreds of non relevant clicks then you can omit that keyword from your campaign before it does any lasting damage.

Search engine marketing is an incredibly powerful way to attract targeted visitors to your online presence and managed the right way can provide a large portion of your qualified visitors, leads and sales , so do your homework and make sure that you  get the best possible return on investment.

How to Write Targeted Pay Per Click Ads

How to Write Targeted Pay Per Click Ads

How to Write Targeted Pay Per Click Ads

targeted ad textPaying for search engine adverts or pay per click ads, can be a simple and effective way to ensure that people who are already searching online for information related to your business will see relevant, engaging information about your brand at a time when they are already looking to connect with someone.

Each search engine will have slightly different rules regarding what they do and don’t allow to be advertised, as well as rules about the format, length and style of advert so it’s important to check the detail, however in general if you want to have an attention grabbing advert there are some basic rules to follow.

Highlight your Strengths.

Whatever USP you have that differentiates your business over and above your competitors, make sure you highlight it. You don’t get much space, using Google Pay Per Click, to write long, wordy adverts so use the few words you’re allowed to highlight any unique features or special promotions to catch a customer’s eye with.

Where possible show prices

It’s not always appropriate to show prices for services, but if you’re selling a product for a great price you should be shouting about it. Internet searchers generally don’t want to spend their time looking for the wrong thing so give them as much accurate information as possible. If they like the price and click your advert you know they are very interested. If they don’t like the price, they probably won’t click, meaning you’ve save yourself the cost of a click on a searcher who won’t buy anything.

Click on the following link to learn more about the costs of pay per click advertising.

Always Include a call to action.

A Call to Action is something that tells the searcher exactly what you want them to do. This could be words such as Buy Now, Call Us, Order Here, Get A Quote or Sign Up Today! If you convey a call to action s well as the benefits of your product or service it encourages users to click your ad and ensures that they understand exactly what you expect them to do when they reach your landing page.

A call to action will significantly improve your pay per click marketing campaign.

Include Keywords in the text.

If people search on a particular keyword, then they see that keyword in your Advert it reinforces the fact that you are offering what they’re searching for. The relevance of your advert should help to draw the users’ attention to what you are telling them in the rest of your advert. If you include the keyword in the title it will be in bold font – a minor detail that helps the information penetrate the customers mind that bit more!

Keep it relevant

Search Engine Adverts can be precisely targeted to users based on their interests, location, language and demographics. This gives a huge advantage for businesses who place adverts as the advert can be tailored specifically to their target buyer.  Adverts are displayed only in response to a user’s query so if your advert is directly relevant to the target audience, that audience is more likely to be further along in the buying cycle, and therefore more likely to click your advert and convert.

Advertising is very difficult to get right first time. When starting a new campaign it’s wise to start with a low budget to see how pay per click ads converts. If you’re not getting the results you wanted or expected then try tweaking your wording slightly. Sometimes swapping a few words round makes all the difference in the eyes of the searcher.

Pay Per Click Marketing – What Business Owners Need to Know!

Pay Per Click Marketing – What Business Owners Need to Know!

Pay Per Click Marketing – What Business Owners Need to Know!

Pay per click marketing is where instead of earning positions in the natural or organic search engine rankings, you pay to be seen.

Search engines divide their real estate into two separate pieces:

pay per click marketing

Organic listings as you know cannot be bought, only earned through relevance, so good positions are only achievable by following structured search engine optimisation techniques on your website.

By using pay per click marketing tools such as Google Adwords or Microsoft Adcenter; now Bing Ads you will appear in the sponsored listings (usually displayed above and alongside the organic or natural listings) by agreeing to pay if someone clicks on your adverts.

At first this may sound very expensive, and without a well managed pay per click marketing campaign it can be, however if managed correctly the costs involved are very reasonable considering the visibility and targeted traffic you will receive.

You will only have to pay a fee when you receive clicks on your adverts. This means that you will only pay the search engine when they send someone to your website. The price of your clicks will vary depending on the industry you are in and the competition bidding on your keywords.

What are the benefits of Pay per Click Marketing?

Pay per click marketing is a very important and useful tool to have in your online marketing arsenal.

The reason this is so valuable is that you can be on the first page of Google for keywords that are targeted to the services and solutions offered by your businesses within minutes of opening up a Google Adwords account.

With Adwords you can create your ad and choose your keywords, save them and then be seen on Google in an instant. This is unlike optimising your website, where you have to wait for the search engines to update and continuously optimise for better results by adding fresh and relevant content that courts backlinks and citations.

The following is a list of benefits for pay per click marketing:

Advantages of Pay Per Click Marketing:

1. Demographic Targeting

If your target audience is 50 year old women in the areas surrounding your business location then you can specifically target for them and only that audience.

2. Immediate rankings

Many local businesses run special events or one off occasions. A pay per click marketing campaign can mean that you can advertise that event immediately by setting up a new campaign and having that go live the same day. This allows your business to benefit from immediate and targeted advertising.

3. Ability to test your search terms before you optimise your entire site for organic searches.

Before investing in optimising a website for specific terms or phrases to rank organically in the search engines, pay per click marketing can help ascertain the true level of traffic as well as interest and commercial intent on the keywords and phrases. The test results may show that some keywords have better results than others while showing that the more obvious keywords have less relevance than first thought.

4. Test headlines and offers

Pay per click marketing can be used to test headlines and offers. You can run separate headlines, known as A/B or split testing, or offers and see which offer gets the best response before committing a large portion of your advertising budget

5. Track your conversions

Most search engine platforms such as Google Adwords and Microsoft Adcenter give you a management suite that shows you exactly what adverts have been clicked on, what keyword terms where used and also shows you which keywords resulted in your advertising goal. This is allows you to pause certain campaigns while increasing spend on other campaigns that are providing better results.

6. Select a daily budget

When advertising, budget is always a key consideration and when using pay per click marketing you can set a daily budget so that your campaign can last for a set duration as opposed to all going out at one time like other forms of advertising media such as TV, radio or print.

7. Make Instant Changes to increase conversions

With ppc marketing you don’t have to wait to make changes. Changes can be made and instantaneously be reflected in your ads on the search engines and having an impact on your conversions.

The main benefits of using ppc are that you can instantly appear under your desired keywords and have your website seen by people who are interested in your offers. This makes the sales process easier as you do not have to convince people to buy what you are selling – they are already looking for it. This ensures that your conversion rates will be higher than if you are targeting people at random with other forms of advertising.

The disadvantage of PPC Marketing

Although the picture painted of pay per click marketing above is quite a positive one there are some downsides to PPC that you also need to consider.

On the internet, something can become popular or go viral in an instant. This could have a severe impact on your PPC marketing campaign. For example one of the keywords that you are bidding on may be linked to some celebrity or is in the news and suddenly that keyword can become grossly popular meaning that you end up paying for a lot of clicks where the searchers are not actually looking for your product or service.

1. PPC Advertising is not set and forget

Although it can be relatively easy to set up a pay per click campaign, managing, optimising and getting the best and most cost effective results requires constant attention and intervention at the right times. Therefore many business owners who cannot afford the time to monitor their PPC campaign can find that they get very little return for their investment.

 2. PPC Marketing can be Really Expensive

The cost of individual keywords and phrases are set by industry and competition levels therefore if you were looking to advertise in the insurance niche then things can get pretty expensive, pretty fast. An example would be if you were looking to advertise for “accident claims”, this could set you back £66.09 per click. That would mean that every person that clicked on your advert would cost your business *£66.09 without them necessarily becoming a lead or client. That all comes down to the conversion rate or performance of your landing page. This could mean that to get one lead could cost several hundreds of pounds if not more. *Source Google Adwords

NB. Please note this is an extreme example as there are many keyword phrases that you can target for just pennies.

3. People Tend To Ignore Sponsored Ads

A recent survey suggests that 94% of people ignore PPC adverts and opt for organic search listings instead.

4. People Are Sceptical of PPC adverts

People do not like being sold to and the fact is that vast majority of sponsored ads are there to sell. People who are looking for information or an unbiased opinion may choose to ignore these adverts and look to the organic listings which are harder to position in.

5. Choosing the Wrong PPC Marketing Company

There are thousands upon thousands of digital marketing agencies that offer Pay Per Click management services, offering companies the earth and stars as far as return on investment for their services. The truth of the matter is that each pay per click campaign is unique and until a test is carried out is hard to quantify what result can be achieved. Take your time and do your due diligence before committing to work with any organisation.

Pay per click marketing can be an integral part of any businesses marketing mix  and can be used to drive sales from people who are further down the buying cycle, meaning quick returns. However without the correct set up and careful on-going management it can soon can become a burden on business owners in terms of time and expense.

Is the return on your online investment non existent? The call us today on 0845 245 7365 to see how we can get your business in front of targeted buyers today!


A Professional SEO Service Delivering Firm Results for Your Business

A Professional SEO Service

Using a high quality, results driven, professional SEO service is one of the most important aspects of a successful online strategy. After all, it’s the key factor in ensuring that your website can easily be found by highly targeted customers and deliver against the goals that you set out to achieve.

Why do you need SEO Services?

With more than 85% of web users using search engines to find websites it’s likely that search engines are the number one source of traffic to your website. Around 60% of these searchers click on the top three results, and 90% don’t go beyond page3 of the search results. Simply put, if your website is not listed in the top 10 of search engine results for targeted search terms, you will be losing clients to your competition.

On the other hand, if search engine optimisation is professionally implemented then targeted traffic and conversions will increase, and this could directly influence your bottom line.

Why Choose a Professional SEO Service from Big Thinking Online?

As an Online Marketing Digital Agency, our professional SEO service is the foundation on which we build your online real estate up to become a valued asset to your business.

Choosing the right SEO partner to work with your business is important. Big Thinking Online is well-established and has been featured in many online publications. We pride ourselves on being a personable yet professional SEO service firm.

  • ROI Focused Services
  • Competitive Prices
  • Bespoke Packages
  • Honest Advice & Ethical Methods

The complexities of search engine marketing can sometimes make it difficult to see the wood from the trees, but at Big Thinking Online we recognise that supporting every successful organic SEO campaign there are four cornerstones of effective SEO:

  1.  The creation of quality content that is optimised for your target keywords and aims to drive awareness, increase interest, spark desire and instigate action.
  2. A website structure, known as on page optimisation, that enables all your content to be found quickly by users and by search engines.
  3. The promotion of your content, through link building campaigns, to ensure your content is seen as an authority and moved up in the search engine results pages.
  4. Ongoing monitoring and analytics.

Our SEO services include comprehensive and actionable advice through consulting, followed by implementation and then training so that your business can take responsibility for its own search engine optimisation campaigns in the future.

Core SEO Services

seo service


Each business we serve has different requirements, so after an initial consultation our recommendations may vary dependent on your situation. Typically, our services comprise of:

1. Review of Website

Whether you have a well established website, or a fairly brief blog we need to understand your challenges. We perform an in depth review of your website from a Search Engine Optimisation perspective, including content strategy (content organisation, keyword usage, Meta Information etc.), navigation and internal linking structure.

2. Review of analytics data

A review of existing visitor and keyword data to provide an insight into keywords you are ranking for,or could rank higher for. We also try to identify alternative search terms that, with a concentrated link building strategy, could net you a higher number of visitors or leads.

3. Keyword research

Targeted keywords are the difference between your site being found or not.We will get to understand your business, products and objectives then research live search engine data to determine the keywords to focus your online marketing campaign around.

4. Competitive analysis

At Big Thinking Online we don’t like to waste time, especially yours. That’s why before we agree to get your company higher rankings in the search engines we uncover who the competition is, how they have achieved those rankings and if it is possible to beat them before devising a strategy to suit your requirements.

5. HTML Meta tag optimisation

We will ensure that all Meta tags are present, compliant and optimised for search.

6. Devise and implement a content strategy

Search engines demand fresh and relevant content to be updated regularly to your site.

We can work with you to put in place a content marketing strategy that as a business you can take full responsibility for. Or you can leverage our professional copywriting services to do it for you.

We will also look to leverage and optimise your existing web copy.

7. External Link building.

Quality and relevance is vitally important to a successful link building campaign and we will make sure that the links to your site are relevant and add authority to your website. Every link that we provide your website with is in your best long term interest for your business.

8. Rankings and review

You need to know whether your SEO services are providing value for money and amongst the most important performance measurements are your keyword rankings. Having agreed the core keyword targets with you, we will provide a report at the outset of the rankings for those keywords and also share with you any other rankings we may have recorded in the course of our keyword research. We will provide updated ranking reports monthly.

9. Social Media Integration

Social signals now play a very significant role in organic search rankings. The more interaction your content and website receive from social media, i.e. people sharing, liking, or tweeting your content, alerts the search engines that your content is valuable and worth sending more traffic to.

Our social media management services will make sure that your content is being seen, heard and shared across social media networks.

10. Progress reports and reviews

Results are important for you, we know that and we will keep you informed by sending regular monthly email updates about various aspects of progress. We will also attend progress review meetings in person, if requested, on a quarterly basis. Meetings may be held more frequently if agreed by both parties.

11. Reputation Marketing

One bad review of your company can result in a drop in search rankings. Yes, that may seem slightly severe but the search engines are out to provide their customers, the searchers, with the best possible search experience and they will not send traffic to a poor site.

We proactively work to stay on top of your reputation online, who is saying what and where and provide you with the timely information so that you can protect your online image before things escalate.


We charge a fixed flat monthly rate dependent on our assessment of the complexity of the project and an estimate of the number of days we consider your campaign will require each month. That time will typically be broken down between keyword and market research, onsite SEO (enhancing your website), offsite SEO (promoting your website online) including link building, monitoring, reporting and consultancy,

professional seo

As a professional digital online marketing agency we like to manage expectations from day one.

  • Search engine optimisation is not a quick fix and very rarely will you see immediate results.
  • We cannot and will not guarantee 1st position rankings for keywords.
  • We expect a campaign to last a minimum of 6 months.

If you are still serious about working with a professional SEO service company than you can call us for a consultation on 0161 850 4413 or contact us here!