Why You Should Use Pinterest – No Matter What Your Business Is

Why You Should Use Pinterest – No Matter What Your Business Is

Why You Should Use Pinterest – No Matter What Your Business Is | www.bigthinkingonline.com

Pinterest launched early in 2010

It was initially a closed beta project for a select group of users. It soon progressed to be an invitation only site, and I remember requesting an invitation to join early in 2011 after seeing friends’ pins popping up on Facebook and wanting to try it out myself.


I initially set up a personal account (which I still have) and I have to admit I didn’t really “get” it. I’m not a very visual or arty person and quickly got bored of looking at images of perfect homes and cookie recipes.


Pinterest stayed off my radar until it was time to plan my wedding, when it provided endless inspiration for my dress, hairstyle, invites, table decorations and everything else that suddenly becomes all important for the big day. But again, once the wedding day was over I quickly forgot about Pinterest.


Reading as many blogs and social media news sites as I do, I knew how important a site Pinterest had become for businesses. I could see a great fit for a lot of retail businesses, designers and anyone that makes things but I didn’t really think that it was something that would suit my business. 


My target audience is other business owners, typically UK based professional companies who work in the B2C space, for example Dentists, Solicitors, Estate Agents, and the work that I do isn’t “pretty” to look at – social media marketing, Website development, Reputation marketing – it just didn’t seem like Pinterest was the place to find either my ideal customer, or to showcase what I did.


However, I kept seeing more and more reports of how people were getting tons of traffic from Pinterest back to their websites and it got to the stage where I realised I had to give Pinterest another chance.


I have to admit, when I looked at it from a business perspective rather than the perspective of a casual social user I was very surprised. What I found when I searched was a great source of business blogs on every topic you can think of, written by the very people that make up my target demographic – Business Owners!

I was also surprised at the businesses I found to follow on there – Law Firms, Dentists, Estate Agents – all the businesses I want to work with!


It turns out that having “pretty” pins is only part of the story on Pinterest. If your content is interesting and you have headlines that grab people’s attention then Pinterest is a great place to share your work. And, as with any social media platform, the people you want to target are already there, it’s just a case of looking for them and making sure your Pins will catch their eye.


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Do you have a Business Account on Pinterest? What do you like (or dislike!) about it? 

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The Many Uses Of Social Media

The Many Uses Of Social Media

To get the most out of social media for your business,

You need to think of it in a completely different way than you would for your personal life. In business, social media isn’t just about liking everything your friends do, or sharing pictures of all your meals. You have to consider all the ways that you can use social media.

Customer Service

Social media is great for customer service. Not only can your customers get in touch whenever they have a question, but other people can see your answers too. This means that you may answer one question that benefits multiple people in one go. If you’re lucky, other customers may even see the question and answer it for you! Even if you are asked difficult or awkward questions publicly think of it as an opportunity to show the positive and helpful side to your service to let other customers know that you’re willing to deal with any problems.


Reputation Management

Your public image is a huge asset to your business – or at least it should be! Social media allows you monitor what is being said about you, try searching your business name on Twitter and see what comes up! You can also use social media to share positive feedback from your customers, and as an added bonus, now that Tweets show in Google for branded search terms if anyone Googles your business they’ll see your recent messages and know you are proactive about your brand’s image.


Getting Feedback

Because of the instant reactions on Social Media, it’s great for getting a snapshot of public opinion. On Facebook you can post quick polls on group pages, on Twitter you quite often see people asking “RT for X or Favourite for Y”. Next time you are working on something and need some advice, why not try asking your followers and see what they actually want? The answer might surprise you, and cause you to take your work in a slightly different direction than you’d intended.


Lead Generation

Whilst it’s almost impossible to sell anything directly over Social Media, what you can do is use it to find yourself some great leads and prospective customers. Social Media is excellent for building up trust in your brand, and helping people to get to know and like you. These things are key to converting followers to customers. Make sure that from each of your social media pages there is an obvious way for people to find out more about your business, sign up  for email updates, or to check out your latest offers.


News Updates/PR

In the not too distant past, businesses that had an announcement to make had no choice but to try and get a story published somewhere. Now, every time you have any news, whether it’s a new CEO, a great Customer Case Study or a regular blog post, you can get it out to the whole world at the click of a mouse. There is no excuse not to publicise your brand on social media! In fact, the more you put out there, the more it will do to help spread the word of your business!


Brand Awareness

Social media allows smaller businesses to compete against much larger rivals in a way that isn’t possible with traditional media. Whereas big brands can spend a fortune on television adverts, that’s out of reach for small businesses. However, those big brands will still use social media, and YouTube, and smaller businesses will show right alongside them. For that reason, social media is great for brand awareness.



Whoever your ideal customer is, they will be on social media – it’s just up to you to find them! Different social networks have different networking styles. For example, on Facebook you should try and join groups that are relevant to your business. You can also join groups on LinkedIn, but on LinkedIn you can optimise your profile so that people can find you more easily in search. On Twitter you can follow conversations via a certain hashtag, something that many groups do regularly.


What other ways do you like to use Social Media? You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, so why not follow us on your favourite network and let us know more about you.


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