When browsing the internet have you ever wondered how Amazon shows you images of the Kitchen gadget you just looked at a few days ago?


Or that a competitor whose website you went on to check their pricelist has branding images following you on every website you go to?


You have been umming and arring about that new dormer conversion, you went and on a few websites and low and behold everywhere you go you are being presented with testimonials from families who state they wish they would had done it earlier. Best investment they ever made and they would highly recommend ABC Roofing and Dormers.

retargeting is like mind reading

These ads seem to be reading what is on your mind. Well it is very similar; this process is called retargeting advertising.


Retargeting Ads are an incredibly powerful marketing tool and can be one of the best forms of marketing you can do to drive targeted clients to your business and increase revenue at a lower cost.


What is Retargeting?




Retargeting is a form of online advertising that helps keep your brand in front of users after they leave your website.


Bringing people back to website through retargeting


For most websites, only 1% of web traffic converts on the first visit. Retargeting is a tool designed to help companies reach the 95% of users who don’t convert right away.


This is really powerful because those 95% of people who left your website without interacting with you have shown a real interest in your product or service but for whatever reason the time wasn’t right just then.


It could have been that their children were calling from another room and they had to go, or the person was having a quick browse on their phone while waiting for an appointment.


Someone was on the train travelling to work and didn’t want the entire carriage to hear their conversation starting “can you tell me more about (Insert embarrassing situation here)??”


So they stopped their browsing, left your website and carried on with their busy daily lives. Only to forget which website they were on a few hours ago. Go back to Google and search using a generic keyword for your service and end up on competitor’s website, booking in with them and adding revenue to their bottom line and not yours.


Retargeting helps you win back these users — and turn them into customers, email subscribers, and more.


How does Retargeting work?


Retargeting works by keeping track of those people who have visited your website and displaying your remarketing ads to them as they visit other sites online.


Essentially, you have a retargeting cookie on your website that builds up a list of those users who visited your website. When your visitor opens a new website with ads, the ad will pick up your unique cookie and this allows Google or one of the other Remarketing vendors, to display a retargeted ad to your potential clients.


Why is Retargeting so Effective?


Retargeting generates greater online sales by keeping your brand front and centre and bringing “window shoppers” back when they’re ready to buy, according to Adroll


Every time your customer sees your retargeting ads, your brand gains traction and more recognition. The high click-through rates and increased conversions that are typical with retargeting campaigns underscore the value of good branding and repeated exposure.

buying cycle

What are the benefits of Retargeting?


  • You can reduce your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) due to targeting a precise pool of prospects.
  • Increase brand awareness on a smaller budget in a shorter time frame.
  • Increase conversions by targeting visitors who land on specific pages of your website.


By having a specific pool of people, called a segment, that have visited a specific page on your website or have taken a set action like clicking a button you can create display advertising that helps you convert those lost visitors with a message, or even better, a series of messages in the form of ads that speak specifically to their stage in the buying cycle.


Examples of when Retargeting could be used.


  • Close visitors who left your website without taken a specific action.
  • Target users on the keywords or search terms they used to find your site
  • Combine branding and direct response techniques to target buyers at different stages within the buying cycle.
  • Helps to remind users of your brand as they research competitors.


The key to retargeting is, it’s MUCH easier to advertise and sell to people who already know, like and trust you vs. brand new customers.


Which are you more likely to buy?


The “6 Months Smiles” clear braces you searched for 10 times, read six reviews about, and then see a discount code for if you book your initial consultation today



A random scale and polish from a dentist 200 miles away


The key difference between retargeting and regular advertising is you already KNOW the prospect is interested.


Therefore a campaign can be put together to get that person to convert into a clients which can be more effective and cost less.


Don’t forget existing customers


It is always tempting to think about new customers but what about how retargeting could be implemented to increase brand awareness and call backs with existing customers or patients and cross sell other services that you offer.


Campaigns bring people back to your website by serving personalised ads across devices, the web, and social media.


The next time you are browsing the internet take a look at the adverts that are being displayed to you. Are they relevant, are they related to the searches you have been conducting and the websites you have visited?


If you want to learn how you could you use a retargeting campaign to bring people back to your website by serving personalised ads across devices, the web, and social media  then call us today on 0161 850 4413 and we can outline a plan to help you increase conversions and grow revenue.