Boost your Business Profile by Starting a Blog

starting a blogIf getting in front of new customers is a priority for any business, getting in front of the biggest number of potential clients possible right now, for the least cost, is usually the main goal. For many small businesses with limited resources advertising is simply not an option. The best way to put yourself and your business in a place where a huge potential audience can find you is by putting yourself online.

One of the great advantages a blog gives you as a small business owner is that it stands as a reference to your skills and knowledge. By regularly blogging about information, tips and services you are telling the world that you know your subject matter and can add value to your existing products and services by providing your readers with an additional resource of information.

By regularly updating your blog you will raise your own profile as the more that brands and industry insiders see your work, the more they will start to see you as an expert in the field.  Once you are seen as someone who’s knowledgeable and willing to speak up or share information, you will find that more people in turn want to speak to you about what you do, ask your opinion on products or come to you for advice. All of these opportunities can then be turned into the start of a business winning conversation.

Blogs are also exactly the right kind of information that search engines like to see. The search engine spiders that crawl the internet looking for answers to millions of search queries love to see sites that are regularly updated. An updated site shows that you are active, and implies that the information is fresh and relevant.

Producing your own new content also gives you more content to share on social media sites such as Google plus, Facebook and Twitter. By posting your content out on multiple sites you are creating all important back links out from your site to the rest of the internet. The real value here is when other people also like your content and share it on their own social media profiles. Again, the search engines will see that your content has been shared multiple times and will deem your work to be even more relevant, bumping you up the search results.

For anyone who has never started a blog before it might seem daunting, and you might be tempted to just stick with social media rather than trying to build your own separate page. Social media definitely serves a purpose, but typically what you post there is only good for a moment and will get lost in amongst everyone else’s posts. If you have your own website you can keep all your posts together in one place and refer back to them again more easily. Also, if you are serious about wanting to raise your own profile then you need to have your own page to refer people back to. Remember you don’t own your social media pages and they could change their rules at a moments’ notice leaving your hard work and audience building efforts wasted. Having your own blog leaves you in control.

At Big Thinking Online we have been building up our own content for almost 4 years now. Every new blog increases the chances of our work being shared, and increases the chance of regular readers coming back to our site rather than looking for one of our competitors. It also means we’ve spent all that time creating a very natural organic back linking profile which is another positive in the eyes of the search engines. It shows to our clients that our business has a good knowledge base, that we have built up our own reputation and profile over a steady period and that we continue to work on our skills. Over the last few years we have had blogs featured on many other places, including Social Media Today and Business 2 Community, sometimes being shared thousands of times in a day. Whilst these posts may not all have caused the phone to ring off the hook they have definitely helped to increase our network of contacts, and it also means that if a client or prospect asks for further information on a subject then we can usually direct them to a post on that subject that they can read whenever they need to.

Have you started your own blog yet? If so what benefits have you found from keeping it going?