Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

FacebookMany businesses are utilising social media websites to increase their visibility and generate new customers at
 an astounding pace. Sites like FacebookGoogle+Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pintrest and YouTube are popular with your customers – whether or not you are using them.

Why Use Social Media Marketing?

TwitterTwo-thirds (66%) of online adults say they have a current social networking site profile (Ofcom Adults’
Media Use and Attitudes Report 2014
). On average, a Facebook user “Likes,” or connects with, more than 60 groups, events, and pages, including businesses and public figures. There are currently 105 million Twitter users, with 300,000 more signing up daily.

Social Media is one of the easiest, cheapest forms of Marketing and as a business owner it is difficult to ignore the potential that it offers. As well as enabling you to
advertise effectively, some of the additional advantages of Social Media Marketing are that:

  • It allows you to stay in front of today’s Web user
  • It puts you in control your business’s reputation
  • It means you can see how competing businesses in your area interact with their clients.

YouTubeSocial Media needn’t be seen as a drain on your time or resources. In as little as 15 minutes each day, you can begin incorporating social networking strategies into your business’ development plan. Your competitors are already implementing social media so get started today, you’ve waited long enough.

How Social Media Marketing Can Be Utilised


LinkedInAlong with knowing how to make sure social media is delivering a good return for your investment,
everyone at Big Thinking Online maintains more than one social media profile. We use our social media presence to link to our clients’ profiles so we can really get to grips with what’s going on.

Participating on Social Media will enhance your search engine optimisation efforts so we always encourage our clients to post on social media sites. Utilising social media marketing effectively without it becoming time
consuming can be a difficult balance to strike. We have the resources to make sure your social media activities are helping you achieve your goals for leads, revenue, and your reputation.

PintrestIf you are interested in how Big Thinking Online can help your business’  social media presence, why not take a look at our Social Media Packages or give us a call and find out more?