A Professional SEO Service

Using a high quality, results driven, professional SEO service is one of the most important aspects of a successful online strategy. After all, it’s the key factor in ensuring that your website can easily be found by highly targeted customers and deliver against the goals that you set out to achieve.

Why do you need SEO Services?

With more than 85% of web users using search engines to find websites it’s likely that search engines are the number one source of traffic to your website. Around 60% of these searchers click on the top three results, and 90% don’t go beyond page3 of the search results. Simply put, if your website is not listed in the top 10 of search engine results for targeted search terms, you will be losing clients to your competition.

On the other hand, if search engine optimisation is professionally implemented then targeted traffic and conversions will increase, and this could directly influence your bottom line.

Why Choose a Professional SEO Service from Big Thinking Online?

As an Online Marketing Digital Agency, our professional SEO service is the foundation on which we build your online real estate up to become a valued asset to your business.

Choosing the right SEO partner to work with your business is important. Big Thinking Online is well-established and has been featured in many online publications. We pride ourselves on being a personable yet professional SEO service firm.

  • ROI Focused Services
  • Competitive Prices
  • Bespoke Packages
  • Honest Advice & Ethical Methods

The complexities of search engine marketing can sometimes make it difficult to see the wood from the trees, but at Big Thinking Online we recognise that supporting every successful organic SEO campaign there are four cornerstones of effective SEO:

  1.  The creation of quality content that is optimised for your target keywords and aims to drive awareness, increase interest, spark desire and instigate action.
  2. A website structure, known as on page optimisation, that enables all your content to be found quickly by users and by search engines.
  3. The promotion of your content, through link building campaigns, to ensure your content is seen as an authority and moved up in the search engine results pages.
  4. Ongoing monitoring and analytics.

Our SEO services include comprehensive and actionable advice through consulting, followed by implementation and then training so that your business can take responsibility for its own search engine optimisation campaigns in the future.

Core SEO Services

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Each business we serve has different requirements, so after an initial consultation our recommendations may vary dependent on your situation. Typically, our services comprise of:

1. Review of Website

Whether you have a well established website, or a fairly brief blog we need to understand your challenges. We perform an in depth review of your website from a Search Engine Optimisation perspective, including content strategy (content organisation, keyword usage, Meta Information etc.), navigation and internal linking structure.

2. Review of analytics data

A review of existing visitor and keyword data to provide an insight into keywords you are ranking for,or could rank higher for. We also try to identify alternative search terms that, with a concentrated link building strategy, could net you a higher number of visitors or leads.

3. Keyword research

Targeted keywords are the difference between your site being found or not.We will get to understand your business, products and objectives then research live search engine data to determine the keywords to focus your online marketing campaign around.

4. Competitive analysis

At Big Thinking Online we don’t like to waste time, especially yours. That’s why before we agree to get your company higher rankings in the search engines we uncover who the competition is, how they have achieved those rankings and if it is possible to beat them before devising a strategy to suit your requirements.

5. HTML Meta tag optimisation

We will ensure that all Meta tags are present, compliant and optimised for search.

6. Devise and implement a content strategy

Search engines demand fresh and relevant content to be updated regularly to your site.

We can work with you to put in place a content marketing strategy that as a business you can take full responsibility for. Or you can leverage our professional copywriting services to do it for you.

We will also look to leverage and optimise your existing web copy.

7. External Link building.

Quality and relevance is vitally important to a successful link building campaign and we will make sure that the links to your site are relevant and add authority to your website. Every link that we provide your website with is in your best long term interest for your business.

8. Rankings and review

You need to know whether your SEO services are providing value for money and amongst the most important performance measurements are your keyword rankings. Having agreed the core keyword targets with you, we will provide a report at the outset of the rankings for those keywords and also share with you any other rankings we may have recorded in the course of our keyword research. We will provide updated ranking reports monthly.

9. Social Media Integration

Social signals now play a very significant role in organic search rankings. The more interaction your content and website receive from social media, i.e. people sharing, liking, or tweeting your content, alerts the search engines that your content is valuable and worth sending more traffic to.

Our social media management services will make sure that your content is being seen, heard and shared across social media networks.

10. Progress reports and reviews

Results are important for you, we know that and we will keep you informed by sending regular monthly email updates about various aspects of progress. We will also attend progress review meetings in person, if requested, on a quarterly basis. Meetings may be held more frequently if agreed by both parties.

11. Reputation Marketing

One bad review of your company can result in a drop in search rankings. Yes, that may seem slightly severe but the search engines are out to provide their customers, the searchers, with the best possible search experience and they will not send traffic to a poor site.

We proactively work to stay on top of your reputation online, who is saying what and where and provide you with the timely information so that you can protect your online image before things escalate.


We charge a fixed flat monthly rate dependent on our assessment of the complexity of the project and an estimate of the number of days we consider your campaign will require each month. That time will typically be broken down between keyword and market research, onsite SEO (enhancing your website), offsite SEO (promoting your website online) including link building, monitoring, reporting and consultancy,

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As a professional digital online marketing agency we like to manage expectations from day one.

  • Search engine optimisation is not a quick fix and very rarely will you see immediate results.
  • We cannot and will not guarantee 1st position rankings for keywords.
  • We expect a campaign to last a minimum of 6 months.

If you are still serious about working with a professional SEO service company than you can call us for a consultation on 0161 850 4413 or contact us here!