SEO Reputation Management – Proactively Protecting What’s Great About Your Business

SEO Reputation Management – Proactively Protecting What’s Great About Your Business

No matter how good your business is the majority of businesses will find themselves under fire from negative press at some point. You can run the best of businesses for decades, surviving by word of mouth referrals resulting in thousands of happy customers but it only takes one disgruntled patron to write a blog post, leave a couple of negative business reviews or shout about their feeling of discord on social media for years of hard work building a brand to come tumbling down.

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To top it all off, many of the blogs, review sites, forums that people post on and social media platforms are very well respected by Google and therefore rank highly in the search engine results. When people next search on the name of your business or the products and services you offer, these will often show right on the first page. Right under your main website, quite often as part of your listing thanks to Google’s local business directory, Google Plus Local.

How Does Seo Reputation Management Work?

Negative, inaccurate or misleading content appearing in your top Google results makes a bad impression on people searching for you. And while no one can delete that content (except the person who posted it), effective seo reputation management can make it go away.

Whether it is a business name, product, service or person within a business that is receiving negative attention online, by employing seo reputation management strategies you can make it go away. This could involve;

  • Performing an audit of online reviews, discussions and articles about your brand
  • Collating all negative mentions and assessing the best way to address them
  • Creating new positive pieces, such as press releases, advice articles or videos to outrank the negative mentions
  • Regularly monitoring the market for new unfavourable mentions
  • Using other web properties that you have to appear more relevant to the search engines.

By being proactive and taking control about what is being said about your business and what prospective clients can see when they search for you, you can help influence their decision about working with you.

To put this into context if at your reception or outside your office were posters, posted by former customers advising people to avoid your business like the plague do you think it would impact the number of people that followed through and become a client?

A 2012 survey of internet users in Britain by reevoo found that 88 per cent of consumers consult reviews when making a purchase, and 60 per cent said they were more likely to purchase from a site that has customer reviews. reevoo’s research shows that shoppers trust independently collected reviews more than twice as much as reviews collected by the business being reviewed.

This approach also prevents future negative content from appearing where people will see it. So don’t wait — the longer people see the personal attacks, police reports, bankruptcy filings or other negative content in your top search results, the more damage it does. Take back control of your search results before it is too late.

Click on the following link to get 4 great tips on how to repair your online reputation.

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  1. I agree that it’s very important for companies to protect their online reputation. It could take years to build a good reputation and only a single instance to ruin it. Using these SEO reputation management strategies and acting before the problem spreads could make a big difference in protecting one’s name.

    • Hi Felix,
      Businesses today have to be transparent in order to earn clients trust. As you said, one single negative review or bad comment about a businesses services can undo years of hard work.
      Thanks for your comment.

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