Reputation Marketing

More people than ever are turning to online review sites, recommendations and web directories to gauge other peoples’ opinions of a vast range of business and service providers to narrow down the best option for them.

A bad online reputation can undermine all the positive work you and your team have done so managing your business’s reputation is an essential part of your marketing mix. For many businesses though, it’s something that is pushed to the bottom of the pile.

Big Thinking Online provides a range of comprehensive and affordable Reputation packages that can help you flourish no matter what your business is, or its goals.

Features  Include:

  • Distribute positive reviews to your website, social media, and other review sites
  • Alerts when anyone leaves a less than positive review
  • The ability to build a referral system so happy customers lead to more happy customers
  • Flexible options that can be adapted to your specific needs.

Our no-nonsense Reputation management services offer a streamlined approach to enhancing your online reputation by highlighting the positive so it far outweighs the negative. By formulating a strategy and having it in place now, you will save yourself from potential problems in the future.

The key is to be proactive. Don’t wait until you have a big problem before you act.

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