6 Client Grabbing Online Content Marketing Tips

Fact: Great content attracts customers and boosts user adoption.  click here to tweet this

online marketing contentIn other words, unique online marketing content creation is the new Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Therefore, small business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to gain traction online today can tweet, blog and post their way to building an engaged online community. This not only raises brand awareness, but also by generates inbound links and engages the audience directly.

It’s not about generating “noise” just for the sake of it. The content you put out has to be top quality and provide real value in order to encourage the level of engagement that you’re after.  Here are 6 client grabbing Online Content Marketing Tips.

Online Content Marketing – Grabbing Clients and Turning Readers into Customers and Brand Advocates 

1. Update Content Regularly

The last thing you want is for visitors or potential clients to see a post on your website relating to a sponsored walk that you did 3 years ago. Don’t get me wrong, it is always good to highlight the newsworthy events that your business participates in but the point is that old news gives the first impression that your business is out of touch. Potential clients want to deal with people that are in the know, not living in the past. So make sure that your online marketing content is up to date, relevant and speaks directly to the end user.

2. Speak to your target audience.

Most 50+ year old women are not going to be interested in the fact that a car’s top speed is 150mph, can lap the Nurburgring in 11minutes and goes 0-60 in the blink of an eye. On the other hand she may be interested to know the safety rating of the vehicle, the average miles per gallon and the fact that the car has an extra seat in the back that is perfect for the grandchildren.

Know who your online marketing content is directed to as targeting their specific needs gives a much greater chance that you will convert the reader into a subscriber or customer.

3. Define what your audience is using and where they are going

In order to get increased levels of engagement you need to determine which social platforms and tools will best enable your content to be viewed and shared.

Does your audience spend most of their time on Facebook?  If so, then that is where you need to be and you need to have a content marketing strategy to address those users.

Are most of your users accessing your website or your web 2.0 properties using a mobile device? Then you need to make sure that your online marketing content is accessible via mobile phones and tablets.

4. Keep an eye on your  competitors online content marketing strategy

While regular, fresh and relevant content is King this still doesn’t mean if you produce the most content  that you will pick up the most readers, subscribers and sales. In order to be King of the online marketing castle your content needs to really grab your target audience by the short and curlies and compel them to want to view and share your online content more than they do your competitors.

Make a note of what your competition does:

  • how often they publish content,
  • what kind of content do they produce,
  • what level of sharing and engagement do they get,
  • what type of content do they share.
  • where do they promote their content for best results.

When you have an idea about this then you can look to counter and improve.

5. Remix your content into different formats.

Duplicate content on the internet is a big no no and reproducing the same piece of content time and time again will only result in negative rankings from the search engines. However that does not mean that you cannot be clever about how you use your content.

Turn blog posts into an eBook or a podcast, turn poll results into an infographic or a slideshow, turn a video into a blog post. There are many ways that you can reuse the same piece of content to interact with a different segment of your audience on different platforms while at the same time increasing your brand awareness, reputation and getting more links back to your site.

6. Make your online marketing content easy to find , like and share

All the effort that goes in to creating quality unique content is wasted if your target audience cannot find it in the first place. You can enhance the chances of your content getting found by implementing search engine optimisation techniques, publishing the content where your audience will be and making it very easy to share, download or embed the content.

The easier your content is to find the greater the chance of it being shared and subsequently the greater the chance of your online marketing content being found, liked and shared by others with similar interests.

There is no doubt that getting this level of engagement for your online marketing content can be difficult, however if you are willing to invest the effort then the results will be visible for a long time to come.