Behaving Like a RAT Online Is a Good Thing!

online bradingPeople do business and buy from people that they know, like and trust. This has and always will be the case. So how can you position yourself online as someone who is authentic, knowledgeable and trustworthy to capitalise both financially and personally from the growing consumer demand for online services.

Berelevant online Brandingelevant.

It is nigh on impossible to be an authority on a plethora of subjects. Yes, there are people in this world who are so gifted that they can speak openly, candidly and with authority on many subjects but they are few and far between. The best way to make an impact online, and I mean really stand out from the hundreds of millions of others looking to do the same, is to be an authority in just one niche.

Don’t see this as limiting your potential: it is not. Check that a niche has an audience before you get started and then do everything you can to be seen as a thought leader. Write thought provoking articles about the subject, produce a video series, challenge some existing practices in the niche and introduce your own ideas. But most of all stay relevant.

If the niche is Dalmatian training techniques then talking about five star trips to Costa Rica is not relevant. Unless of course you held a Dalmatian training summit on the beach….

Stick with what you know.

Be anAuthority Marketinguthority

Of the entire internet community, 90% of people read content, 9% of people edit or curate content and only 1% of the internet community actually create content. Be one of the minorities, differentiate yourself from the crowd. Have an active voice, connect with other content creators and influencers by creating valuable content that is thought provoking and original.

The more relevant content you create, the greater the chance you have of people finding it, engaging with you and becoming part of your online community.

Seek out opportunities to provide content on other highly targeted and well visited websites. By doing this you will be able to highlight your knowledge, experience and thought leadership to others who are interested in your niche but may never have found your online portfolio.

Don’t be afraid of giving away too much, a well written piece that gives sound advice, some simple to follow tips that anyone can do or a thorough and in depth explanation into a process used within your industry will only stand to increase your stature, highlight your authority on the subject and make you stand out as a thought leader.

Be Be Trustworthyrustworthy

One of the biggest concerns of users online is who to trust. In fact that is not just online that is anybody in any relationship, personal or business. In order to conduct business with someone you need to be able to like them and trust that they will deliver on exactly what they say they can.

Make it easy for people to find and connect with you. Develop a brand where people can recognise you regardless of the platform it may be on. The more often people see your brand over the internet, the more likely they are to take the time to stop, take notice of what it is you do and how it can benefit them and more importantly, connect with you.

Take the time to interact and listen to people. Yes, people are using the internet to market their products and services but try talking about and listening to others. Future clients may be able to relate to the conversations and stories, this will help develop trust and they may then take the time to interact with you

Establishing your authority and personal branding online is not an opportunity to create something you are not. It is about highlighting your strengths, exposing the value that you can offer others and differentiating yourself from the masses. If you do this right then your business and brand will attract the targeted business partners to you.