What is On Page Optimisation?

On page optimisation is the process of making your website and individual pages relevant to keywords or phrases that you are trying to rank in the search engine results pages for.

For example – If you were to receive a flyer for free Danish with your coffee at a particular coffee chain, the first thing you want to see when you walk into the coffee chain is some form of notification that the offer applies and where you can get it. Right?

If we don’t see what we want then we become disappointed and walk out or in the instance of the website click back on the browser and move on to the next website.

Keyword Optimised SEO Content

on page optimisation


If the search phrase you are looking to rank for is “orange bicycles” then make it clear to the reader and to the search engines that Orange Bicycles is what the page is about. Not only will this help tell the search engine to index your page correctly, it will also improve your conversion because people will be getting exactly what they want.

Page Content Structure

Structuring your content so the reader and the search engine spiders know what they can find is very important. Get it wrong and the readers will get frustrated and the search engine spiders will crawl away without getting a true reflection of what the content is about.

A block of text, 600 characters long with no breaks, no headings or images is not an attractive to the human eye and the thought of reading it is not appealing.

Page content structure is important in providing a great experience for the reader. Before publishing any copy online preview it and make sure as a reader you can scan through and get the gist of what the page is about.

Create Quality Content.

They way to satisfy those targeted customers is simple – write great copy! Write copy that is going to raise awareness (copy being the words that are written), stimulate interest, create desire and compel the reader to take action, to enter your email list or purchase from you.

If the copy you write is top quality (and it should be!) then people will naturally want to share your copy. This increases your internal links, increases your authority on the subject matter and also provides a great user experience for your readers. As an added bonus, this activity will get noticed by the search engine that will reward you with further traffic!

Link internally to other relevant content.

If “Orange Bicycles” is the search term then what are the other topics that the reader may be interested in?

  • Orange Bicycle helmets
  • Safety record of bikes
  • Video of Orange Bikes being used
  • Bmx bikes
  • Mountain Bikes
  • Racing Bikes

As a website owner the purpose of a website is to get people to remain on your site and provide an outstanding user experience. The best way to do that is to give the reader further information that could be relevant to their search. For example, you can learn more about our professional seo service can help your business increase visibility and improve sales by clicking on the link.

You can do this by placing links to other pages, this takes the reader further into your site and increases their time on site, thus highlighting to the search engine that people are happy when they land on your site and enjoy the experience.

On Page Optimisation is one of many factors that you need to consider when conducting a search engine optimisation strategy. The underlying theme is to be relevant, provide outstanding and engaging content that deserves to be liked and shared. If that happens the search engines will take notice, send more traffic your way and your conversions and sales will increase.

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