mobile-website-development-manchesterA recent 2012 PewInternet report stated that almost half of mobile phone owners and three quarters of smart phone owners use their phones to get real time location based information. This was up 55% from when the question “Do you ever use your mobile phone to get directions, recommendations, or other information related to your present location?” was asked in May 2011. source

That is a huge increase and one can only speculate that over time the demand for location based information will continue to increase rapidly due to the proliferation of smart phones, the commoditisation of data plans across the mobile networks and of course the adoption of social media into our everyday lives.

Why is Mobile Web Development so exciting for businesses?

As a business owner it means there are now even more ways to keep in touch with clients new and old, share news, information, offers and reviews on things we like, in effect humanising brands.

How can you benefit?

The potential for business growth is huge. Knowing that more and more people have the capacity to search, find and act upon mobile searches means that, as a business owner, putting yourself in a position to capitalise on these growing mobile web development trends is a must.

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What should you do?

There are several things that a business can do to ensure its position at the forefront of mobile search.

1. Claim your local listings

There are a multitude of sites on the internet that list local businesses. The most prominent of all, due to its worldwide positioning and the fact that it drives the most traffic is Google.

Google’s local business listings allow businesses to not only put themselves on the map, but to actually bring that map to life. Think of the old saying, “it is not a house, it’s a home”. Google’s listing is not a sterile, fixed environment; it is dynamic as it allows you as the business owner to update your profile on a regular basis and more importantly it allows for the end user to interact with you too. Meaning you can really highlighting to others how great your experience really is.

Click on the following link to learn more about Google places!

2. Monitor your online reputation

With the ease of access to platforms where users can openly speak about what they like and what they don’t like, keeping an eye on what is being said about your business and brand online is a must. One bad review or comment that is not correctly addressed can result in bad publicity and ultimately the loss of business.

Stay on top of things, check your online presence and other internet sites for any mention of your name or your brand and keep the information fresh and up to date.

With 23 million smart phone users over the age of 13, an increase of over 50% year on Year, there has never been a better or more important time to put your business in the prime position to capitalise.

3. Get a mobile friendly website design

With one in five of every search on Google having a location based element, (e.g. Chiropractor, Altrincham) you need to make sure that if a user conducts a search for your business that not only are you positioned in the search engine results pages, but your website is accessible to the end user regardless of what device they are searching for you on.

The fact of the matter is that if the searcher is in an element of distress, and they need a plumber instantly (burst water pipe, Manchester), then if your website does not load quickly and they cannot find your details because your site is not mobile friendly then you stand the chance of losing a pre-qualified customer who was ready to do business.

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