Marketing with Social Media is Connecting and Building Relationships

marketing with social mediaDo you find yourself un following more people than you follow when it comes to marketing with social media? Is that right? Who knows, but the point is users don’t want their entire timeline taken up with affiliate offers, messages to get 20 Gazillion Twitter followers or Facebook Fans for £10, or the same message from 5 different Twitter accounts. As much as the profile pictures of scantily clad young ladies make you look twice, you know that is not the person who’s posted the picture. The person behind the account will not look like that, in fact their name is probably Bob, he’ll be 47 years old and will live at home with his Mum.

Practicing these spamming techniques doesn’t add value to anyone and downgrades the true purpose of the online community for so many talented and interesting people who are truly looking to leverage their businesses or careers by marketing with social media.

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The numbers involved when marketing with social media suggest that you will not know everyone on your social media profiles but there are some great people who you have yet to communicate with or in fact would like to communicate with. While conversations should always be natural, the good thing is that with a bit of preparation first before marketing with social media can be a lot more beneficial.

Marketing With Social Media the Right Way

Choose your platform

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest: the list is endless and in reality you will not have the time to build and cultivate relationships on all of the social media platforms at the same time. So before jumping in take the time to find out which platform is most relevant for your individual goals.

If you focus on business you might want to pick LinkedIn or Google+, if your interests are visual then you may think about Pinterest. Whichever platforms you choose pick one or two that are the most relevant and then find the groups or influencers that are relevant to you.

Watch, Learn and Listen

There are many ways to fail in social media and going at it like a bull in china shop is not the best way to get started. Sit back, relax and learn how people interact, what types of content get the best reactions and then in line with your goals produce content that will help you achieve those goals and stand the best chance of getting shared.

Seek out the influencers.

This watching stage will help you seek out the people who get engagement; people answering their questions, sharing their content and generally being interested in what they have to say. Share their content, ask them questions, and leave your opinion on their posts.

Don’t be put off if they do not thank you or reply to your comment immediately or even ever. The fact of the matter is influencers get hundreds of comments and therefore may choose to only respond to the best ones that incite a reaction in them. So make your comments count, a comment that just says “great article” is not going to get you very far. Think about it!

Regularly update & contribute

Turning up to someone’s house and sitting in stony silence would be boring and could result in you getting up and leaving. Give people a reason to stick around and follow you. Make sure that you regularly update your content and contribute to conversations in and around your niche.

As with anything the more you contribute the more people will see and take note of what you are doing, how you are doing and want to learn more about you. If your contributions are quality and they instil a reaction then over time you will get noticed.

When Marketing with Social Media be Honest and Genuine  click here to tweet this

If you are truly knowledgeable and passionate about a topic or a niche then this will shine through. Don’t force the issue, but at the same time be honest with your opinions. You want people to have an opinion about what you are saying because that is the spark needed to engage conversation.

Marketing with social media is connecting and building relationships, not sales pitches and offers. Build up your relationships bit by bit and before you know it, you will have a group of people that are interested in you, in what you have to say, in what your business is trying to achieve and will be more than happy to share your knowledge with others that they know and trust.