Leveraging Internet Search Engine Optimisation to Grow Your Business

If you are responsible for marketing and developing an online lead generation strategy through leveraging your website and other online property, you already know that targeted clients don’t just appear out of thin air. You have to help people find your site. In fact, you have to work pretty hard to be found. While there are many ways to do this, nothing brings as much traffic to your site as internet search engine optimisation.

What is Internet Search Engine Optimisation?

Internet Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of making a website or page more relevant to search engines for a particular keyword phrase. When you improve SEO the desired result is to get your page to appear higher up the organic search rankings. The higher a website or a page ranks in the search engines, the larger the chances of that website being visited by targeted searchers and converting to leads or sales.

If you look at a standard Search Engine Results Page, down the left-hand side of the page you will see what are known as the natural or organic listings. These are the search results that the search engine thinks are the most relevant to the search term that you typed, in descending order of importance.

These listings are free, as opposed to the Google Pay Per Click adverts on the top and right hand side of the page, and if your website is deemed relevant and of high enough quality your business website could appear naturally in the search results when a potential customer enters their search criteria into the search bar.

Why is it important to rank higher in the search engines?

It makes sense to appear as close to the top of the organic search results as possible as statistics show that:

  • 66.7% of all users click on one of the top three links.
  • 93% of all Internet traffic is generated from search engines [Source: Forrester Research]

Click on the following link to get ten more shocking statistics that highlight why SEO is Fundamental to your online lead generation strategy.

Imagine your website appearing at the top of the search engines for a major keyword relevant to your industry. Think about what benefits that would have on your business growth, and by understanding and incorporating internet search engine optimisation strategies into your online activity, over time your business could benefit from a larger number of visitors to your website, more leads and increased profitability for your business.

The most widely used search engines are Google and Bing and it is widely recommended that you submit your site to these search engines. It is a simple process that should take no more than a few minutes and it is important because if the search engines do not know you are there then they will not consider your content for inclusion in the search rankings.

There are many other actions that you need to take in order to fully optimize your website for search engine results such as tailoring your content to be specific to the search terms that users are looking for with relation to your product, brand or service and having the correct site layout so that the search engines can crawl over it to get a complete image of your site and content.

The opportunity that exists from leveraging search engine optimisation could be dramatic for your business. If you plan to build an online presence that generates targeted leads then you have to include SEO in your marketing plan. There are thousands of books and websites out there where you can learn for yourself and of course you can invest in working with an internet search engine optimisation company to get your site moving up in the search engine rankings, commanding higher online visibility, generating more leads and winning more business.

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