Generate Referred and Repeat Business by Amazing Your Customers

referralsI’m sure most of you are familiar with the idea of always making sure you put your customers first. However when you run a business there is often so much else to do that your attention can easily get distracted away from that customer focussed mindset. Keeping your customers at the core of what you do and ensuring excellent customer service at all times is one of the best ways to get referrals, and referrals are usually the most successful type of lead to convert to customers. So for all of you who need reminding that the customer is king, here are my top tips for keeping your customers happy and to generate as many referrals as possible!

Be Good Quality.

Focus on providing the best products and services that you can. If you product is of great quality, great value and you offer a great service, then people will naturally want to share that experience

Stay Relevant

Don’t lose sight of what customers want. A product or service that is big news now may not be in demand next year. Successful companies learn to adapt, change and listen to what their customers want.

Address Negativity

If you get an negative comments on your website, social media or anywhere else don’t just ignore it and hope everyone else will ignore it too. While one negative comment won’t ruin your reputation, if you have several and are seen to be ignoring them then customers will start to notice. By addressing you critics with helpful, honest answers you may find that people respect you more and could even win yourself some new fans too.

Encourage Comments

If you don’t have anywhere for customers to leave comments you might solve the problem of addressing negativity, but you’ll also lose out on positive feedback and thanks. By asking customers for feedback you’ll be amazed at how many people might actually be more than happy to leave their thoughts. The more people commenting, the more comments it will encourage meaning that the buzz about your business grows and your brand reputation blossoms.

Share Good News

If you have a new product to release, or if you’ve had a great result then why not share it with you customers? People like to hear good news stories and to feel a part of something. Think about writing a press release to spread your news further afield or at the very least publish something on your blog or social media.

Always Treat People With Respect

This one should be really obvious, but sometimes a little reminder doesn’t hurt. For every difficult customer who appears to waste your time, ask endless questions and then leave without buying, remember that they could come back tomorrow and become your biggest client. If you were rude or offhand they will just go straight to your competitor.

Go the Extra Mile.

referrals When you can, you should over-deliver to your customers. Give as many people as possible that special feeling of having been really taken care of, or getting a bit extra. It’s an almost guaranteed way of ensuring you get some positive feedback or repeat business. Think about having a giveaway that costs you very little but that might mean a lot to those that receive it.

Follow up With Great Customer Service.

Don’t wait for customers to come back to you with a problem or complaint. If you follow up with customers to make sure they are happy then you will more than likely be able to pre-empt any issues before they have time to escalate into a full blown problem. Let customers know that you are interested in how they’re getting on. Following up from a customer service point of view can also be a great way to sell additional products without being to forceful or salesy.

Be Approachable

Don’t just encourage a buzz, be part of it! Join in the conversations you see online that relate to your business or industry. Show customers that you know what you’re talking about, that you empathise with them and that you enjoy hearing from them. It’s never too late to change peoples’ opinions, sometimes it just takes more effort to show that you’ve turned a new leaf. The best course of action is always to be pro-active about your customer service and remember that above, the customer is always right! If you take care of your customers the sales and referrals should start to flow.