Google Gives the Email Marketing Campaign a Boost

email marketing campaign

It was announced last week that as a pilot scheme Google will be adding related messages in Gmail accounts to the search results. Now you may think that this isn’t overly impressive for a company that has some of the sharpest minds on the planet working for them but it is and here is why.

For years marketers have been insisting that the best way to support a business online is to “build a list”. Building a list means capturing the name and email address of users by offering a free giveaway, delivering that freebie offer and then marketing to those individuals through a well structured and thought out email marketing campaign.

One of the setbacks with this system is that once your email has been sent, if the reader misses that email or doesn’t open it then you have missed out on influencing that buyer’s decision and that email will never be seen again.

Now with Google’s new search feature, when a Gmail user requests a search on Google they are presented with a box in the top right of the screen, if you expand the box you get all Gmail results in your inbox that relate to your search criteria. This means that your email has another opportunity to get acted upon.

email marketing campaign

Your Email Marketing Campaign needs SEO

To increase the chances of your email being opened again and again you will have to start thinking about using SEO principles and that means including your keyword phrase in the title and then using your keyword throughout the email itself.

From my point of view, the new search feature provides a more personal approach to search, which is what Google has been aiming for and continue to strive towards. If you type in the phrase “My Flights” Google will trawl through your inbox and look for the last mention of flights and present them back to you.

The search facility expands on the “search plus your world” feature that Google introduced at the beginning of the year. So for example if you are looking to go on holiday to Rome and some of your friends have been to Rome and mentioned must see places in their emails to you then these emails will be shown. Therefore rather than relying on reviews from people you don’t know you can follow the advice from those that you know and trust.

Yes, there will be a few questions raised about privacy; let’s be honest there always is when Google is involved with anything! The more private information that the search giant can get its hands on the more targeted ads it can display and thus the more money it can make.

Email marketing campaigns are a great way of educating your clients about your business and your services with Google. Google adding their search capabilities to the medium is a great opportunity for businesses to get your name out in front of the competition.