What is a Digital Agency?

Although there are probably a few different ways to describe a Digital Agency, the definition that we’re using is: a company that provides creative, strategic and technical development of screen-based products and services. Here at Big Thinking Online, that is a big part of what we do.

Our expertise as a Digital Agency covers a range of consultancy and services designed to support your business through the ever changing maze of Online marketing solutions. Our focus is on providing comprehensive advice aimed at putting your business in the spotlight to guide new customers straight to your door.

Digital Agency Services and Solutions

SEO Services

Efficient use of SEO can place your business at or near the top of the search engine rankings, for free! This gives you that all important edge over all your competitors who fall below you, out of site from those impatient searchers.

Mobile sites

With 23 million smart phone users in the UK, it means that if your website can’t be found and used easily by a mobile user you could be missing out on a very important chunk of the marketplace. We can help make sure your mobile optimised site keeps you ahead of the game.

Local SEO

Approx 20% of searches on Google are ‘local searches’, for example “Plumber, Manchester”. If your business is dependent on being found within your local area then our local seo services can make sure that it is!

Google + Local

Google is the most used search engine on the planet, so anything that helps you earn a better place in a Google search is worth paying attention to. By claiming and optimising your Google + Local page you are literally putting your business on the Google map. We can show you to make the most of this.

Pay Per Click Marketing

Online marketing has many faces, and pay per click is one of the best ways to attract targeted leads. It can however be difficult to get right which is where we come in. We can help you identify keywords, manage and monitor your campaign.

Reputation Marketing

Reputation is one thing money can’t buy. Earning good feedback is priceless, yet one piece of bad feedback can ruin all your hard work in a heartbeat. We can proactively work to stay on top of your online reputation, alerting you to any mentions (good or bad!) that you need to address  either to protect or promote your image.

Web Development

We understand that not everyone is a developer or designer, but if the look and feel of your website doesn’t sit well with online marketing and SEO techniques then you will got minimum if any results from your online investment. we can develop your existing content into a site that is both attractive and effective.

SEO Content Writing

Fully optimised content plays a big part in search engine rankings, as do regular updates. If this is an area you struggle with then we can step in, providing SEO and reader friendly content for your site on the subjects that matter to your business.

Social Media Marketing

Although you may be quite happy using Social Media for your personal life, it can be very different managing it for you business. We can help you with anything from getting your Facebook page to match the look and feel of your website, to setting up a great business marketing campaign.

Keyword Research

SEO and , Pay per click are just two things that rely on solid keyword research. Just because you know your business inside out it doesn’t mean you’re choosing the right keywords. We can analyse live search engine data to determine the keywords to focus your online marketing campaign around.

The internet is ever changing with new techniques, trends and technologies being introduced almost daily. As a Digital Agency we also have to constantly learn and adjust as the market demands, meaning that there is far more to what we can do than is listed here! For more information on any of the above services, or to find out more about how we can specifically tailor our services for your business please contact us today on

0161 850 4413