Turning Your Small Business Website Visible into a Glowing Beacon

business websiteIn the digital world you need to be smart about putting yourself where people will find you. Just setting up a business website and expecting a swarm of cash rich, pre-sold and hungry buyers is not going to happen. You need to actively push your deals, your content, how you are as a business, and how other people see you as a business, into places where people are. Ideally, to people that are genuine future clients of your business.

It’s that principle of cascading and syndicating outwards that makes your site visible online and attracts people in.
Turning Your Small Business Website Visible into a Glowing Beacon

Here are 7 things you can do to help your business website shine!

Create Multiple search Lights.

Think of your small business website as a lighthouse. The search light in the top of the beacon goes around and cascades the light in the direction it is facing notifying the ships where the beacon is and the land. Rather than having one light, have several, and by this I mean leaving a trail of search lights around the internet leading back to your business.  You need to be everywhere that is relevant and have active accounts on all social networks used by your audience such as Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. Additionally seek out industry blogs, review sites and local online communities and make your light shine there too.

Illuminate Your Value.

Just registering for these sights is not good enough. You need to take the time to complete the profiles and leave enough information to rouse people’s curiosity. Unless you are Coca-Cola, Apple or Disney then nobody is going to know or care who you are, much less what you do. Make your profile and your content shine out above the rest.

Be Human and Be Honest

Inject your brand personality into your content, comments, tweets and videos. What makes you laugh? What makes you cry? Chances are there is more than one person out there that feels the same and this kind of honesty will truly help your business personality to shine.

Building up trust online is a difficult process but by being involved and interacting with people, others looking in from a distance, can see that you are real and over time will connect.

Be Active

As soon as you turn the light out in the lighthouse it becomes useless. As soon as you stop being active, posting fresh and useful content, interacting with others then the light blazing a pathway to your virtual door will also extinguish.

Seek and Connect

In order to keep the light shining back to your small business website make it part of your method of operation to regularly follow and connect with other relevant people and businesses within your niche or your target group.

Keeping the light fuelled with your own content is difficult. Connect with others who are relevant and provide good insights that will help others in your following and share their content. By creating valuable connections you keep your audience happy, while at the same time broadening the range of your search light.


Before connecting with someone take the time to uncover some information about them. Influencers online, the ones with the brightest lights, will be inundated with people trying to connect and leverage the power of their reach. Be courteous and give that person a reason to look twice at you and your business and share their light in your direction.

Doing this will leave you in a better place to add value, discuss topics of interest and be better placed to connect people with other well matched connections. Increasing the power of your attraction beam.

Make Your Connections and Content Count.

Always, Always, Always think quality before quanitity. That £25 for 10,000 Facebook or Twitter likes may seem like a good idea but it isn’t.  Just one evangelist for your business online far outweighs those who are online to collect followers and fans like Panini stickers.

The same goes for your content. It can be difficult to get the right ratio of content but the best way to go about it is to honestly asses each piece of content and ask “does this make sense and is this relevant to my audience?”

Putting out low quality content is akin to turning the wattage down on the search light, the reach will be far less and it will not provide the strength or value to draw people back to your website.

Keeping a small business website illuminated takes effort, patience and persistence but if you get it right you will be rewarded by leading the way for targeted users to come out of the darkness into the light.