The UK has endured a bad reputation for dentistry

For a long time, and it seems that this stereotype is still proving hard to shift.


Last week the Telegraph published Brits just grin and bear bad dentistry, claiming that malpractice is widespread and comparing our British Dental practices with what the author perceives to be a superior service in Germany.


Sadly for British Dentists, the article is overwhelmingly negative and will do nothing to help encourage scared or nervous patients to book in for their checkups. No matter how friendly, professional or patient focused your practice is, Dentists across the UK have an ongoing battle to turn the “Bad Dentistry” image around.


So what can you do for your practice to make sure you are seen in a positive light?


Reviews and testimonials

Show the world the great things your practice does! Reviews from satisfied patients are great because they speak directly to all those other potential patients who are looking for affirmation that coming to your practice will be a good experience.



A short video will go a long way to showing the true character of your practice. Consider making a video of a happy patient or a behind the scenes at the practice video. Video helps to make things seem more real, and patients know that video testimonials are hard to fake. It will also give patients a glimpse of your practice so they can see for themselves what it looks like.


A Great Web Presence

Being online isn’t just about having an old website from 1998. You need to have an easy to find, user friendly website that allows patients to find you quickly and easily. You also need to make sure that you can be found by new patients who may not know your practice name but are just searching for a specialist in your area. Many people spend the majority of their time online using social media, so if you want to be seen make sure you are on social media too.


We’ve worked with Dental practices across the country to improve their Online Reputation and to help them reach out to new patients. If you would like to know more about how you can improve your practice’s reputation by making a few immediate improvements call us on 0161 850 4413 now.