Is Your Brand Becoming A Publisher?

content marketingAccording to a new study conducted by econsultancy nearly three quarters, 73%, of all digital marketers surveyed stated that their brands are becoming publishers.* And becoming a publisher means you need to produce quality content to market.

Content as a form of marketing has been around forever. You walk into B&Q and you can pick up handy “how to” manuals on nearly everything that could possibly need doing in your house. Instructions and of course all the B&Q tools you need to do it. At Tesco when you are packing your shopping into your bags there are hordes of the latest magazines with new recipes and style ideas showcasing all of their products.

The focus of content marketing by businesses is to unlock the buzz about their brands by producing work that is:

  • Relevant: Putting them on the customer’s radar. After all if you are not on the radar screen then you can’t cut into their consciousness.
  • Accessible:  If your brand is not targeted at the right audience then however good the message is you will struggle.
  • Different: Being the same as everyone else is not enough. The internet is flooded with new content on a daily basis so make sure what you produce is buzzing with originality.

What Types of Content Can be Produced?

On the internet there are many forms that content can take and also many platforms that content can be published to. This gives businesses a great opportunity to increase awareness and reach out to as many targeted people as possible. Content can be published in the form of:

  • Social media
  • Email
  • News or feature articles on your own website
  • Press releases
  • Blog Posts
  • Videos

The graph below shows the types of content which both in-house marketers and agency clients use to spread the news about their brands.

What Prevents Effective Content Marketing?

Ask any business owner if they had an extra hour or two per day to design, create and distribute content and you would be met with a snort of derision.

Creating content is not easy and requires resource, however all content that you create and promote online is an asset for your business. It will always be there and will always be available for you to repurpose and place on other platforms.

Even if you only have time to produce one piece of content a week over a year that is 52 pieces of content that could be on different platforms linking back to your business and highlighting your business to new and existing clients. Keeping your brand current and alive in their subconscious for the next time they need your service.

Business owners, brands and advertisers are realising that by creating their own content they don’t need to pay for advertising space, there is greater control over how their brand is portrayed and ideally the opportunity to create a more in-depth and involving interaction between the consumer and their brand.

With more devices connecting to the internet each and every day giving consumers a greater opportunity to connect with businesses and brands, content marketing is only going to become even more popular. So the question is, is your business going to be a publisher?

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Source: Content Marketing Survey Report